Even though they are from such a challenging background, Teachers of this school say that their ability to learn and grasp things are quick and are with par of other school children in the cities and these children are great and quick learners with lot of creative skills in them they just need the right direction with provided by good education system to kindle those creativeness within them. Volunteers say that they are amazing learners and great fun to be with. Given the opportunity, they too can experience value based education by providing basic necessities and facilities in making them independent can transform them from dependents to driving forces.

The children of SSRVM School come from all the nearby villages situated around Marle, We are grateful for this opportunity that with the blessings of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar, SSRVM trust recognized and came into such a small village initiated to start the school by not only imparting education to our children also by inculcating and nurturing human values through various Art Of Living workshops to the children.

A small village by name Marle in the midst of Chikamagalur district 12kms away from Chikamagalur town, though this village belongs to Chikmagalur, place known for its greenery and the mountains in Chikmagalur which are a part of the Western Ghats are the source of rivers like Tunga and Bhadra. But such villages under Chikmagalur district are neither considered dry land nor into Malenadu region are humid and have an annual rainfall of 1,000–3,800 mm. The Marle village area is largely open plain, with few hillocks; also it has the history of Hoysalas, as well as this place is well known for its discovery of Halmidi inscription (is best known as the place where the oldest known inscription exclusively in Kannada language), though having such a great history associated with this area it has smaller amount of population with limited facilities such as inadequate public transportation, improper roads, no hospital facility, no proper drinking water, no schools.

People here are mainly agriculturists farming is their main occupation having small bits and pieces of land which is insufficient for their living, to a large extent their lively hood is mostly dependent on the rainfall. Unfortunately due to heavy rainfall and monsoon winds or due to less or no rainfall huge amount of crops are damaged affecting the living stocks of people, with such a circumstance their living has become hard. By providing help to people in such areas and by giving good quality education to their children with an affordable cost, after their education they should be able to live self-sufficient and value based life and also they too can experience an incredible India and by bringing up a value in them to participate in the exercise of nation building. These children are abiding in the roots of our country like treasures hence, we should keep their roots strong and make these treasures into shining ornaments is the main basis for us to setup this school.

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