Now the school starts with by practicing of yogasana, satsang and meditation for teachers and children.

  • All the teachers and non teaching staffs including drivers have undergone rural happiness program and practice Sudarshan Kriya everyday along with the weekly follow up.

  • Their inability to speak English would hold them back in their future, thus to make this as an English medium school and to start computer classes.

  • To provide mid day meals.

  • By building spacious and tidy class rooms.

  • Good library and laboratory facilities.

  • To extend classes from primary to high school.

  • Children after education they should be able to build their life independently by contributing back to their villages and family.

  • To conduct Art of living programs/workshops for the parents and the other surrounding villages which will help them to give up lifelong habits such as alcohol and tobacco and educate them with organic farming.

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