Jagdish (Parent):

Both my children are studying here since past 3 years; with every passing year I can see their improvements very evidently. Before my son was very short tempered and was worried how to change him, but now I can see him change not only academically also in his behaviour. This is because of the School where he is studying.

Ashok (Parent):

I was keen on admitting both my children to SSRVM, but insisted to join one of my children to SSRVM and my daughter to another school. Hence in a year time after looking into the progress of my son this year I have enrolled my daughter too in SSRVM.

Rakshitha’s Story

I studied in this school from LKG to 7th standard and now pursuing my first year MBBS. I am from a basic background daughter of a farmer and student of a rural background. Today I am here it’s because of this school where I studied, its environment, teachers and the management. And moreover I am happy that now this School is blessed with Guruji and successively run by SSRVM. Throughout my life I am grateful and remember this Childhood School.

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