For long we have taught our children to be proud of India, now we teach to make India proud of them. To do so our teachers who are the pillars of the education system and consequently pillars of our nation work relentlessly.

Principal – Mr Satish M.M:

After graduating as B.ED in 2001-2002, he then came to his own village in starting up a school and starting his career as a teacher to reach education in rural areas from past 15 years, in contributing his time by giving free education to the children of rural areas. Now presently principal and a teacher in SSRVM and one of the main person and a dedicated for setting up this school, to see these children grow in sports, education and in their career and to get them recognise from a small village to big cities, and to achieve these higher goals and vision for this school is only possible with the blessings of Guruji and by SSRVM. Also he has played a major role and all efforts in starting up as SSRVM.

Mrs Mani Satish:

It’s impossible to pull a cart with only one bull likewise this couldn’t have happened without the support, effort and encouragement of Mrs Mani Satish who is been working day and night shoulder to shoulder with her husband. As couples Mr Satish and Mrs Mani are teachers by profession run and manage this school in looking into day to day operations. Mrs Mani has been a very important person in starting up this school her grit, commitment and determination is undying and strong. She is been a guide not only to children and parents but also to all other teachers and non-teaching staffs, constantly motivating and encouraging them to keep spirits high and move on and one of the favourite teachers to all the children in the school. All the day to day operations is mainly supervised and managed by her from administering to teaching, also a creative and skilful person in making and managing the school premises look decorative, attractive and playful and fun loving for children even with less cost.

Satish reminisce one such instance, while running our previous school Kalikamba vidya samsthe there was a time where she had to sell all her jewellery due to financial circumstances for fulfilling the financial needs of the School, by walking through determinedly without giving up the goal and vision of the school by taking it forward in every given situation and decided that if this has to happen it can be only through blessings and grace of Guruji to start as SSRVM. They say we are very grateful to Guruji, for giving this opportunity and creating the platform for us to move forward in setting up as SSRVM. We would like to put our heart and soul into this in taking it to the next level for achieving schools vision in every given situations.



Mani Satish


Pavithra M.O


Ashwini Y. M


Veena K.C


Rekha H.V




Vijaykumar K.R




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