Before SSRVM started the school in Marle village, this school was earlier known as Kalikamba Vidya Samste which was started and being managed by the couples Mrs Mani Satish and Mr Satish in considering the above factors as their vision for the school they started in the year 2004-2005. For the progress of this trust until the year 2017 for the future progress of this school we were continuously putting our hard work and effort, as belonging to a basic family background while also with the aim of fulfilling the responsibilities rightly for this school at this point we were approaching a lot many people for help and assistance in such a circumstance we came across Nagraj Gangolli a senior faculty member of The Art Of Living in the Happiness workshop which was being conducted by him as a result of the workshop this brought in a new dimension for our life and confidence and will power to face challenges. It was during this time we shared our goals and vision for the school and also put forth our problems, challenges and the present situations of the school in which we were unable to take it forward and had come to a decision to close down, when approached to seek appropriate help and guidance through Nagaraji hence how to take it forward?. Nagraji got us acquainted to Mr D M Shankar, member of District Development committee for Art of living Chikmagalur and SSRVM trustee Chikmagalur it was through him when this proposal was taken forward to SSRVM trust and then thereafter named as Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir this was the begin of this school and the decision was taken to handle and manage by keeping the main purpose and vision to reach out to the children of all surrounding villages around Marle by rendering well versed education to these children as like any other urban schools for their bright future.

The Art of living members and volunteer, D M Shankar and Nagraji with their help and support on 2nd August 2017 the school was inaugurated by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar. Before the visit of Guruji to the school, the school structure and buildings were worn out and were almost in the state to collapse, there were only two to three class rooms from pre primary to Standard seven and children were accommodated in one big room without any partition in the room simultaneously classes for different age groups were being conducted, and also there were no benches or chairs for children they were made to sit on the floor as this was the state of this school. Now every child is been accommodated with benches, and provided by basic facilities such as toilets, drinking water, transportation, electricity and the big hall/room has been now converted into small class rooms all these facilities and transformation are being made by SSRVM.

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